Sunday, March 25, 2012

 Recycled Sandles
Tonight at work I decided that I was bored of watching pointless T.V.  So I decided that I would spend some time and make these sandles that I saw on pinterest. (First thing I have done in months) I love them. There are a few things I would do different next time.  For example.  Walk in the sandles before I cut the ends off.  But I definately like them and they are very cute and very original.  I do think I probably will make a few more.

I used the round Braid instead of a 5 braid strand.  If you want to learn how to make a round braid you can try searching youtube or you can try this website:
I also would have wished that I saw this earlier before I made the slippers.  It teaches you how to make good strands of a Tee shirt. I encourage you to refer to this next website before you try it.

This was a ton of fun to do tonight and fairly easy.  


  1. Awesome shoes Ang! I may someday have to attempt this myself.

  2. Cute painted toes. Maybe you can do it as a craft night at work!